Come join me in my second yoga retreat in Argentina. This will be my 10th trip to Argentina and my 8th time teaching yoga there. But this retreat will prove to be a special one as I once again visit this land where there are deserts and salt flats in the north and glaciers in the south.

The Cost is $1600 and includes:

  1. 6 nights accommodation in a French Baroque style bed and breakfast in the quiet part of Palermo, Buenos Aires’ more trendy neighborhood.
  2. Tour of La Boca, where the early immigrants arrived and where Diego Maradona among many more got their start. Tour of the famous Recoleta Cemetery where Evita and many more dignitaries lie in rest. And finally a tour of the Market of San Telmo, a more bohemian part of town.
  3. Three hours of yoga everyday
  4. Airport pick up and drop off
  5. Tango Lesson with Buenos Aires’ finest dancers
  6. Farewell dinner! Both meat lovers and vegetarian options available.

Non-yogi companions get the reduced rate of $1400.

Rate of $1600 is for single occupancy. Double occupancy rate is $1300 per person.

Yoga-ing around the world. Clock-wise from upper left: Paros, Greece; London; Paris and Angkor Wat, Cambodia featured here .

Please email : for further information or to book.

See you in Buenos Aires in 2020!

Published by Traveling Yogi

I am a wanderer, yoga teacher, math teacher and overall adventurer. I have a strong love for Latin America and have been traveling there for almost 16 years. I speak fluent Spanish so that certainly helps me make strong connections. Follow me on my latest adventure through Latin America and other continents. I hope you find my writings inspiring...and may be you'll be where I am and you can take a yoga class with me.

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