Demystifying Yin Yoga.

Here is a 15 minute yoga session that will help you stay grounded and anchored in these tumultuous times.

I saved the best for last. This is episode 7 of 7, the last session in a series. I had the most fun making this session. it had started drizzling – rain drops hitting my head, the camera lens and the speaker 🌧.

It was a very relaxing session as Yin yoga helps us access the connective tissue in the body. Not talking muscles here. More like the stuff that connects the muscles – such as ligaments and tendons. This is the myofascial tissue. And we are looking for myofascial release.

We can simply relax into the poses and let gravity take charge. The poses are held longer to allow for the release. It’s a great time to work on stillness in the body and the mind. Speaking of the mind – Yin poses are meditative poses. The long hold times allow us to challenge ourselves to stay in the present and keep the mind from drifting. Find an anchor such as the music or your breath. You can even say a mantra over and over. Whatever helps you stay in the present!

Without much further ado here’s the video! Click on the link for the youtube channel Yogamatique (subscribe!) or simply play the video below in this browser.


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