I am proud to partner with Never Forget Elephant Foundation. I am offering 6 yoga classes a week and half of the proceeds will go to this amazing foundation that has rescued 14 elephants in Northern Thailand to date.

I am teaching the following online live classes starting Sunday April 19th

Sunday 11:00 am PST

Monday 9:30 am PST

Tuesday 16:30 pm PST

Wednesday 9:30 am PST

Thursday 16:30 pm PST

Friday 9:30 am PST

Cost for the classes:

Pay whatever you want! Half the proceeds will go to the Never Forget Elephant Foundation.

How to sign up:

Step 1. Email: nabeel@travelswithnabeel.com

Step 2. I will then send you payment information (as in my PayPal ID). You’ll make a payment of your choosing and send along the date(s) you want to attend class.

Step 3. I will email you the zoom link for the live class(es).

I hope you will consider helping the elephants. They need your help more than ever. The tourism industry in Thailand has screeched to a halt and the resources to rescue elephants from starvation and abuse have dwindled. Join me in helping some of the most awesome and vulnerable spirits in the jungle.

Published by Traveling Yogi

I am a wanderer, yoga teacher, math teacher and overall adventurer. I have a strong love for Latin America and have been traveling there for almost 16 years. I speak fluent Spanish so that certainly helps me make strong connections. Follow me on my latest adventure through Latin America and other continents. I hope you find my writings inspiring...and may be you'll be where I am and you can take a yoga class with me.

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