In this post, I provide 9 simple poses to help you take care of your back.

As a yoga teacher I always get the question “how do I get rid of back pain?” There is no simple answer as everyone’s condition is different. However as a hardened athlete who’s had major sports injuries, I have a wealth of practical knowledge that I’d like to share with you.

Core strength is at the core! 🙂 You will hear me say “Engage your core!” in every pose.

Another thing to keep in mind: a lot of back irritation doesn’t stem from the back itself. It’s other tight muscles pulling and throwing the back out of whack.

So if you’re wondering, why Crescent Pose is in here – tight hip flexors – that spells trouble right away! Need to get those hip flexors released.

Why Utthita Hasta Padangusthana? That’s a double whammy! Target your hamstrings, work on stabilizing and strengthening your core as well. And a third benefit – who doesn’t want to work on their balance?

I hope you find these short lessons helpful! Please check out my YouTube channel “Yogamatique” for more!  Here is the link to the post. I have also embedded it in the post. But please do subscribe to Yogamatique’s YouTube Channel!

And most importantly – watch your back! 🤓 🙏🏽❤️

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I am a wanderer, yoga teacher, math teacher and overall adventurer. I have a strong love for Latin America and have been traveling there for almost 16 years. I speak fluent Spanish so that certainly helps me make strong connections. Follow me on my latest adventure through Latin America and other continents. I hope you find my writings inspiring...and may be you'll be where I am and you can take a yoga class with me.

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