Mountain Pose / Tadasana

In these uncertain times we are facing a lot of challenges. One of the challenges is how to stay centered, how to avoid restlessness and how to maintain our sanity. No joke. These are heavy times.

Mountain Pose / Tadasana in Ramna Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh

One of the ways I ground myself is with the simple pose Tadasana. It’s a double whammy because not only is it an amazing pose, but the same actions found in Tadasana are applied to most yoga poses.

I taught a class a couple of days ago via zoom. I had tremendous fun teaching Tadasana and then finding it in Adho Mukha Svanasana (Down Dog), Plank, Warrior 1, Warrior 3 and more …

Check out this latest upload to YouTube where you can see 15 minutes of snippets from this live yoga class. You can follow along or take notes. I hope it serves you in one form or another.

Remember that sometimes the basics are the glue that binds. In this case Tadasana is it!

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15 minutes of Tadasana and more!

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