100 plus days into lockdown, quarantine, limited movement, working from home, sitting a lot. Has it started taking a toll, not just emotionally but also physically?

Back pain and back injuries are some of the most common maladies among the entire population. Current conditions may be acerbating these.

Whether you work at a computer all day, do heavy lifting or are an avid athlete, the back is usually victim number 1!

Everyone has a differently shaped spine and everyone has a different back problem. Some might be aggravated by forward folds, some by back bends. And even twisting may be someone’s limitation.

Today I needed some back maintenance and I present to you 40 minutes of general yoga that involved mild forward folds, back bends and some strengthening and twisting.

Alleviating the back does not mean that it is just the back that should be contorted and focused on. Tight hamstrings, tight hip flexors, shoulder irregularities, tight adductors, are just some of the target areas to alleviate back issues.

So you will see such poses as Warrior 2, Parsvakonasa, Prasarita Padottanasana, Cresecent Pose, Warrior 1, Warrior 3, Humble Warrior, Malasana, Bakasana and more. These are mostly standing poses that are very active in nature. And a whole bunch of seated poses such as Baddha Konasana, Janu Sirsasana, Matsyendrasana should give you some relief. And I threw in one Yin pose Dragonfly Side Bend, because it really opens up the QL (Quadratus Lumborum) and feels so good on the side body.


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I am a wanderer, yoga teacher, math teacher and overall adventurer. I have a strong love for Latin America and have been traveling there for almost 16 years. I speak fluent Spanish so that certainly helps me make strong connections. Follow me on my latest adventure through Latin America and other continents. I hope you find my writings inspiring...and may be you'll be where I am and you can take a yoga class with me.

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