Focus: Legs and Knees

I’ve uploaded a 1 hour Yoga session to my YouTube channel “Yogamatique”.

It’s a well rounded one hour, that focuses on the legs and knees. With the amount of sitting we are all doing these days, whether in front of the monitor, the cell phone or TV screen, we are definitely tightening our legs and stiffening those knee joints.

Of course you will work out the entire body in this session. It is also a bit slower – so it allows you to focus and work on the task at hand with mindfulness. The mind is a powerful thing. When you “will” something to happen with focus – you can achieve it!

Some of our every day yoga poses, if done correctly can keep your legs in shape & your knees healthy. For example the classics such as Prasarita Padottansana, Virabhadrasana 2 (Warrior 2) and their variations work wonders. And a simple Hero’s Pose achieves so much hitting the knees, ankles and a bit of the quads.

Blocks are used generously, allowing you to moderate all poses and be careful to avoid overdoing. 

Here you can find the link to the video and my YouTube channel Yogamatique. Don’t forget to subscribe to never miss a video 😀.

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I am a wanderer, yoga teacher, math teacher and overall adventurer. I have a strong love for Latin America and have been traveling there for almost 16 years. I speak fluent Spanish so that certainly helps me make strong connections. Follow me on my latest adventure through Latin America and other continents. I hope you find my writings inspiring...and may be you'll be where I am and you can take a yoga class with me.

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