Yoga-ing around the World

Hello peeps. Sorry for this interruption…to my standard feed. Recently I’ve been pondering the question “what does yoga mean to me?”

It is a question that has come to surface recently because as I travel, I meet more and more people who are curious about yoga and I have to describe yoga in a few words and explain the draw.

I am sure it was one of those exam questions on the Teacher Training final exam and I am sure our teacher (love you Ashley) had us discuss this in a group.

Of course with the passage of time, yoga’s influence on me and significance to me have evolved.

As I put together my thoughts on this topic (keep an eye out for an upcoming post “What Does Yoga Mean to Me?”), I thought I would share some visuals of my yoga practice around the world… as I search for answers…

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Cerro Fitz Roy, Patagonia, Argentina
Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Pukara de Quitor, Atacama Desert, Chile
Tatio Geysers, Chile
End of the Road, Atacama, Chile
Geyers near the Chilean border, Bolivia
Rock garden, Bolivia
Heuco, Bolivia
Lago Misterioso, Bolivia
Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia
Colca Canyon, Peru
La Ciudád Perdida (The Lost City), Colombia
La Ciudád Perdida (The Lost City), Colombia
La Ciudád Perdida (The Lost City), Colombia
Yoga on board the MS Expedition, Drake Passage off the coast of Antarctica

My farewell gift to Bastien – a yoga class by the Carribean Sea on the very last day of his one year tour. We had met in a tiny cabin on the MS Expedition in Ushuaia, onward bound to Antarctica just 6 months ago. Along with Marvin our third cabin-mate we bonded over the next ten days in the icy otherworldly continent. We did yoga almost every day, even as we approached the treacherous Drake Passage. Now we are 209ers for life (our cabin number).

San Andrés, Colombian Territory, Carribean

As I wonder what yoga is to me, I am reminded of the looseness/flexibility of the word yoga – “Union”, “Connect”, “Balance”, and more… It is this same sense of union, that allows deep friendships to be formed. It is a reminder that names are just names, and that what counts is to let the universe do it’s thing. You might be surprised what amazing unions you see as an outcome. Connecting mind with body, connecting with strangers, connecting with a place … all yoga to me.

San Andres, Colombian Territory, Carribean

Follow me on my quest for answers.

And email me for comments and questions. And also if you’d like to take a class with me somewhere in the world 🙂



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  1. It looks so peaceful.

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