Chile & Argentina

Part 4

Having just had the most amazing five weeks in Colombia, I left for Buenos Aires on July 22nd with a full heart. I had a one day stop over in Chile and I spent it with my two favorite Chileans Christian and Natalia. I had met them in the Atacama Desert on a tour of the high altitude lakes Lagunas Miniques and Miscanti, almost three months prior.

But such is the beauty of meeting like minded individuals during one’s travels. If it’s meant to be, you’ll see them again! They treated me to a fabulous seafood dinner accompanied by a delicious Carmenere. We had the last three months to catch up on and it was a fantastic evening. Christian had his own really cool story. He left the corporate world to pursue his passion of making handmade leather products. Check out his wonderful line here .

The next morning I caught my flight to Buenos Aires, my home away from home. The next two weeks I spent teaching yoga, attending Spanish language meetings and reuniting with my friends. One day I went to La Rural with Leonardo. We scored some free Fernet and had some amazing beef at a stall. And of course, it was great seeing all the exhibits.

And we all got together at my favorite restaurant in Buenos Aires – Sarkis, serving Armenian food. Go figure! But it’s so good that it’s worth the 1 hour plus wait!

I was staying in an apartment in a less touristy part of Palermo and it was close to a cafe called Cafe Cortázar named after the famous writer Julio Cortázar.

I would spend hours in this nondescript cafe writing away. I became part of the city in this writers’ cafe. August is winter in Buenos Aires, so it was nice to sit with a “cafe con leche” or good Malbec and plug away. I was expanding my yoga ventures as well and was having success in my classes.

Yoga with Nabeel 😀

I had met two lovely sister Barus and Lucy from Slovakia during my travels in Cuba 2 years prior.

And they happened to be in Buenos Aires! I showed them around “my” town and we even saw opera at Teatro Colon.

Traveling is such a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and make good friends in far and distance places. And reconnecting with someone after a few years is the best. Respecting that human connection and giving it the value it merits is the ultimate reward.

Sure museums and landmarks and sites are great, but to me getting to know a people, how they live, what makes them tick … those are indelible!

So having my fill of joyous moments with friends past and present was great, but Colombia was calling again! And the August wintry cool of Buenos Aires sealed the deal.

On August 7th I flew back to Cali, in search of warmer weather and some yoga initiatives … How would they fare? Keep an eye out for Part 5 of my year of travels!

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