Bali Yoga Retreat Part 2

Day 4, January 18th, 2020

Today we started the day with 8 am yoga. Again the students did a fabulous job. After that the students had a free day to explore Seminyak. I used this time to catch up on my writing and get some laps in the pool. All in all a very productive day.

And in the afternoon we were joined by Rowan and Abbie. I had met them on plane ride in from Kuala Lumpur. They had flown all the way in from Bristol, United Kingdom! And they were at the start of a one year journey across the globe. How exciting.

With Abbie and Rowan from Bristol, UK

The evening class was class number 5 for the students, so we ramped it up a bit and I was surprised how everyone rocked Crow Pose, Bakasana! Well done students!

Rowan, Abbie and I watched a gorgeous sunset.

Sunset, Seminyak Beach

And after dinner at Warung Mina, we had few drinks at Char Char a superb restaurant with a bar in the form of a stadium gallery just overlooking the street. A great way to top off the night πŸ˜€.

Day 5, January 19th, 2020

We once again started the morning with yoga at 8:00 am. Today Rosa, Lorenzo and Augosto were leaving for Los Angeles, so it was their last day of yoga. In the morning we balanced again in Ardha Chandrasana. They all did a fabulous job and remembered the little cues they had been picking up all week.

The students spent most of the day at the zoo. I hit the pool at the Amadea Resort next door to do laps and some underwater yoga. Yes, it can be done, but breath work takes on a whole other meaning underwater! πŸ˜‚

Warrior 2 underwater!

I also got a chance to do some yoga at the beach close to sunset. Teaching yoga requires me to focus on just that – teaching. So it was nice to do my own practice for a change.

In the afternoon, before their flight I gave the trio a full Yin Yoga class. Yin Yoga can be quite challenging at first, holding the poses for longer and trying to find stillness. It helps access that connective tissue in the body that is sometimes “stuck” and causes limited flexibility, shortness and injury. They all did a great job and the meditative aspect of Yin got them relaxed and ready for their long flight home.

I bid adieu to Rosa, Lorenzo and Augosto after a nice meal at Jas Villas, a nice hotel next door. I know I’ll see you again and thanks for all the memories!

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